May in Viezza

1st of May many peoples are in holiday in France, Holland, UK, Germany….
I will propose, as every year, a nice “walking day” around Viezza with some food that everybody brings from home.
Weather start to be very warm, all is bloming around Viezza, birds are singing and the days are getting longer.
If you wish to come and stay for a while please connect with a mail as soon as you can. In May I will prepare Rose alcool (Rosolio as a old recipy) and I start to prepare the bio garden.
I always have some peoples who like to learn how to grows veggies, and how to use local plants for eating, so you are welcome to any workshop.
I will need help to build up my mongolian yurt very soon, according to the weather,if not on the 1st of May, then will be on the 6-7 May.
Be ready!!

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