WHERE it is – DOVE si trova

Soul Refuge is located in the Appennine, central Italy.
Viezza is close to Verghereto / Bagno di Romagna (Forlì – Cesena) – Emilia Romagna region-  Italy.
You can get here from Milano-Bologna- by A14 direction ANCONA.
Exit CESENA NORD and then take the E45 direction ROME exit QUARTO.
From Quarto direction Monte Fumaiolo (get born the biggest river in ITALY- TEVERE wich goes to Rome.
From Rome – Florence, you can come from the E45 direction Ravenna exit Quarto and then like above.
Closer Airport:
Bologna, Rimini, Perugia, Ancona, Roma

Many middle ages site like:
Assisi, Arezzo, Firenze, Pisa, Urbino, Gubbio and much more